Blood transfusion is the transfer of blood and blood products via the vein into one's circulation (body). 


Before a transfusion is indicated, your doctor would have noticed your packed cell volume (pcv) is pretty low beyond the (how do I put it in simple words ?) level it could be built up with diet and supplements. 


However in my practice, I have had terrible experiences with clients when it comes to transfusion. 

Some years back, a baby had jaundice...after several investigations were done the consultant decided to do an EBT (exchange blood transfusion).. Guess what? The parents refused! Why? Because their faith didn't allow them do so....and I am like?..... The consultant cried and pleaded with these guys, making them understand the danger in wasting time on this. Well the child died eventually.... I was scared by that experience. On another occasion, we went for rounds and a kid who was Hbss, had a low blood level.. The consultant suggested a transfusion, the father and relatives of the girl frowned at it and all shouted "God forbid, my God will do it"??‍♂I am like are these guys mocking God for the wisdom given to men? Well... Thank God for the mother of that girl who called us out and begged us on her knees to transfuse and save the child. We asked her to sign (just to protect ourselves since the father had already asked us never to do such). The girl got the transfusion and was discharged home some days after doing well, mother was happy by that decision she made. 


Sometimes we allow religion cloud our senses.  Blood transfusion doesn't transfer sins or makes you dirty or unholy as some claim.


The people traumatized by all your religious backed decisions in terms of your health are your care givers (doctors, nurses etc). You don't know the anger, frustration and sleepless nights we go thru when we loose a patient especially for trivial reasons such as refusing to get a blood transfusion.


One night at 11pm (in a general hospital) A woman after delivery collapsed...the nurses sent for me. I came in, resuscitated and asked that her pcv be checked. It was low I recommended a blood transfusion but it was very late. I called a guy who owns a blood bank (thank God for loyalty) he came out that night even without being paid.... (I stood in for the clients and assured him they will pay the next day....which they did). To cut the story short, she was discharged home very strong.....(mother and baby safe).


When I see such clients now who refuse to get a transfusion, I refer them to a teaching hospital.... Hoping there will be a bloodless surgery unit (just like the place I did my internship). 


Kindly help these health workers ease the stress that's on them already. You will not go to hell or die if you get a blood transfusion. Once the necessary screening and cross matching is done (your doctors would make sure of that), you are good to go. 



Enjoy the rest of your day.